Bethel Lutheran Brethren C 

 Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church


We are a Lutheran synod consisting of roughly 120 churches in the United States and Canada. We started in 1900 when five Lutheran churches in the midwest joined together to form a new denomination, which was Lutheran in theology, but also non-liturgical in worship with emphasis on the need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ever since then, the Lutheran Brethren has been a mission oriented church body.

 Church Organization

Churches in the Lutheran Brethren are locally autonomous, but we are joined together by the desire to use the resources of all the churches to send out missionaries abroad and to start new churches at home. The headquarters of the synod is located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.


Membership to Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church is open to regular attenders of the church. To become a “confessing member,” the applicant must be a parishioner that has been baptized into “the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Also the applicant must confess a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, maintain a good reputation in the community, and accept the church’s constitution. All requests for confessing membership are made to the Board of Elders, which recommends the candidates to the membership.